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British Columbia (Galiano Island) personal + community
British Columbia (100 Mile House) Acreage unknown

Manitoba (Steinbach) Amount of Acreage not indicated

Ontario (90 Miles NW of Toronto)


Northumberland Eco demonstration centre - 10 acres

United States

Arizona (Ash Fork) 80 acres - build your own tire home
Arizona (Concho) 675 Acres - Heritage West
Arizona (Douglas) 1,240 acres
Arizona (White Mountains) 20 acres
Arizona (Winldeman) 16 acres
Arizona (Witch Well) 20 acres + 1280 acres available

Arkansas and Florida - "non-armchair" has retreat
Arkansas (Searcy County) Hidden Valley
Arkansas (Northwest) 316 acres

California (Glen Ellen) 1680 acres
California (high desert)
California (Hinkley)Cabins and tents.
California (Northern) 200+ acres
California (North San Juan) 50 acres
California (Orleans) Amount of Acreage Unknown
California (Sierra Foothills) 5 acres
California (Watsonville) Farm
California (Yankee Hill) 62 acre old town and teepee living
California (Butte and Tehama Counties ) large acreage

Colorado (Paonia) 65 Acres

Georgia (Athens) Bunker and farm
Georgia (Ellijay) 60 Acres
Georgia (North Georgia) Investment Resort

Idaho (Kamiah) Christian Covenant Community

Illinois (Golden Eagle) Number of acres not stated

Indiana (Near Bloomington) 200 persons - 2400 acres

Iowa (Tipton) 6 Acres

Kansas (Plainville) Rooks County - New Eden - 160 acres

Kentucky (Berea) Number of acres not known

Maine (Orland) Amount of Acreage not available

Maryland (Freeland) 44 acres

Massachuesetts (Cummington) 115 Acres
Massachuesetts (Petersham) Acreage unknown
Massachusetts (Western) 93 Acres

Michigan State TEAM Leader - Has land now
Michigan (Hastings and Jackson) Country Properties
Michigan (Richmond) 38 Acres
Michigan (Sturgis) Acreage not known
Michigan (Tawas)150 Acres
Michigan (NW-Lower) 80 acres

Mississippi Controlled Survival Retreat 1/5 personal acre
Mississippi (NE Corner) 500 acres + large reserve
Mississippi (Rienzi) 35 acre farm

Missouri (Central) Ranch
Missouri (Independence)Acreage not known
Missouri (Kansas City and Surrounding Counties) Existing Farm
Missouri (Mansfield) 480 Acres
Missouri (New Haven)
Missouri (Ozarks) 21 Acres
Missouri (Rutledge) 280 acres
Missouri (Rutledge) 135 acres
Missouri (Tecumseh) 1045 acres
Missouri(Webb City) Existing Farm

Montana (Corwin Springs) GIGANTIC

Religious Community (7 Shelters) Very large acreage
Montana (Kalispell)110 acres and a cave

New Hampshire (Temple) 115 acres + 2000 protected

New Mexico (Elida) FREE Land
New Mexico (Bingham) 5 Acre RV park
New Mexico (Santa Cruz) 10 acres

New York (Canton) 73 Acres
New York (Caroga Lake) 210 Acres
New York (Truxton) 437 acres

North Carolina (Asheville) 100 Acres
North Carolina (Black Mountain) 325 acres

and sister communities Rosy Branch (50 acres)
and Full Circle (35 acres)
North Carolina (Pittsboro) 64 acres
North Carolina (Raleigh) 62 acres
North Carolina (Western N.C.) 92 acres

Ohio (Athens) 46 acres
Ohio (Creola) 106 acres

Oklahoma (Edmond) 37.5 acre farm
Oregon (Cottage Grove) 1200 acres
Oregon (Deadwood) 280 acres
Oregon (Northeastern)25 acres of land
Oregon (Wolf Creek) 140 acres

Pennsylvania (Pitman) 63 acres
Pennsylvania (Western) Building underground.

Tennessee (Summertown) 2550 acres

Texas (Austin)Well established group and facility
Texas (Dripping Springs)12 acres
Texas (Houston) Rural acres. May help relocate.
Texas (San Antonio - Georgetown) Parcels of land
Texas (San Antonio) Several pieces of land
Texas (Tyler) 50 acre Survival Trailer Park
Texas(West Texas) 80 acres - divided plots
Texas (West Texas) 100 acres

Vermont (Johnson) 45 Acres

Virginia (Afton) 520 acres
Virginia (Check) 5 acres but about to expand
Virginia (Floyd) Amount of Acreage Not Stated
Virginia (Lexington) 127 acres
Virginia (Louisa) 450 acres
Virginia (Mineral) 72 acres
Virginia (Richmond)Houses and lots for sale and rent

Washington (Deming) Acreage not indicated
Washington State (Spokane) (Shekhina Canyon)
Washington (Klikitat) Well established facility

Wisconsin (LaFarge) 80 Acres

Australia 50 acres

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Bruce Beach Nuclear Survival Resources & Ark II Fallout Shelter Site
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