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Help in Forming Communities

We provide a Service for those of you interested in joining or starting a group to survive the events of this millennial times. Being in a group rather than by yourself or with only your immediate family will be tremendously beneficial both before and after any catastrophic events that may occur. So whether you are interested in survival from a point of concern about Earth Changes, Nuclear War, or Prophetic Teachings, please consider the following:

In a large group, there will be enough people so that even if a few are injured, there will be enough uninjured to carry out the necessary tasks (food production, etc.), until the injured have recovered.

A large group will not be as vulnerable to raiders as a small group would be.

Larger groups, using their money collectively, will be able to build a more desirable living structure, and prepare more sufficiently than smaller groups who have less funding available.

Larger numbers of people provide greater support psychologically and emotionally, which will be essential to prevent depression in the aftertime.

Large groups, with more people at their disposal, will be able to re-build themselves in the aftertime more quickly than small groups working with fewer people.

A large group will be able to form some sort of actual "community" in the aftertime, as opposed to a smaller group or family who will be relatively alone.

If you're interested in joining a community, or are at least seriously considering it, you may wish to take advantage of our free survival group formation service. We'll help you find a group of like-minded people to fit your needs. Once you've formed a group or joined a pre-formed one, we'll give you some suggested guidelines and help your group get started with their preparation."

Our List Philosophy

There are currently several survivalist expectations:

1. The nuclear holocaust expectation
2. The millennialist expectation that anticipates catastrophic events.
3. The earth change expectation that anticipates catastrophic events.
4. Survivalist expectations that wish to establish a place of refuge from natural (hurricane, earthquake, etc.)
or man made (social disruption, war, terrorism) disasters.
5. Lesser disaster expectations that can be responded to by neighborhood and existing community preparedness.

In this list you will find many representative entries of communities of each of the above expectations. Therefore, in selecting a community you want to be sure that their expectations match OR EXCEED yours.

Some communities, and some lists, are VERY exclusive. Some lists, from which we pick up entries, and ask if they would reciprocate by listing our list, refuse because we list communities that are not Christian. Other communities ask to be removed from our list because of some narrowly defined non-Christian life style.

But, we list EVERYONE, Christian and non-Christian. Racists, and anti-racists. Actually bigots of almost every stripe. Racist, national, political, religious you name it. Our guide is the old poem:

Heretic, Pagan was his shout!
as he drew a circle that left us out.
But Love and I had the wit to win,
as we drew a larger circle,
that took him in.

At this point, you may wonder, who we won't list. Well, we try to not list:

People Selling Products (There are many other such lists elsewhere)

People with messages (religious, political, or otherwise) who are not actually trying to form groups or communities.

Still, there are some borderline commercial entries that make it onto our list.
(Recreational Vehicle facilities that are selling survival space,
Some people who are perhaps trying to help form survival groups,
but who are perhaps really just trying to sell their consulting or training services).

If you find any in these latter categories, who are really just selling a service and who are not trying to form a cooperative group or community, please tell us and I will remove them from the list.

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The "Other" Category of Communities

These are often some additional community names listed under each state that we have heard about, but that we have not located, and that we know nothing about.

They are what are called INTENTIONAL COMMUNITIES (as are all the communities on our list) but these particular ones will generally be found in the source: Intentional Communities which as of June 1st, 2000 lists over 700 intentional communities.

Disregard for your purposes (we have), ones that say or indicate:

Neither a non-geographical loosely knit community of common interests, nor an urban setting that does not have a specific catastrophe orientation met our requirements, and we do not think it should meet yours, for what these web pages are about.

We do not feel that a survival plan that does not include a provision for future agriculture, meets the needs of someone who is relocating because they feel that the potential for catastrophe is that great.

It may be possible to find monasteries and other religious communities that meet one's requirements. One source states that there are 500 "cult" communes in the U.S., that may require one to surrender all their worldly goods in joining, and to completely subscribe without question to the ideas and leadership of the organization.

In general, we do not mean to use the term "cult" in a pejorative sense. Any distinction between acceptance of old line Amish and similar groups, and many modern "fringe" communities, is probably in the eye of the beholder. We have made no attempt to locate and list such organizations, but neither would we exclude them if they requested listing. However, if you are interested in some such particular group you can probably find them without our aid.

While in our personal philosophy we feel that far too much emphasis is generally placed on "compatibility", and that "exclusionary" communities of religious, political, or philosophical orientation, of any kind, are inclined to become inbred in their thinking and attitudes, (to their detriment), we do list a very wide spectrum of differing religious, political and philosophical oriented communities.

In these pages you will find hard core right and militia groups, as well as, at the polar extreme, a number of communist (commune - common) groups. There are many fundamentalist Christian groups, as well as those who deal mostly with channeling from the "space brothers". There are groups devoted to celibacy, and others devoted to eroticism. You will find racists, and anti-racists. Monogamy, polygamy, free-love, and homosexuals.

We provide STA (Service To All). This is not to say that we approve of all. My personal philosophy may be relatively conservative, and even Puritan, regarding, Monogamy, Alcohol, Drugs, Religion, Politics, Social Organization and so forth, but still we provide the services of these pages to all.

Aside from that, if YOU have any suggestions on how we may improve our listings, I would love to hear from you.

For further information about myself, and our survival organization, you can follow the links at:

More on Our Free Survival Services

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Honor List of "Head for the Hills" Communities

The following is a list of almost 100 communities, that are ALREADY established. In order to make this list the community must have acreage (land), be operating, and have an "agricultural" solution. This is what we feel to be the bare minimum.

Other people will have additional requirements, (as in regards for location and shelter), if they are concerned with an earth change scenario.

And as far as this writer is concerned, in these troublous times, an adequate survival plan should include the nuclear component (ie. a fallout shelter).

But, set your own criteria. While we have seen literally HUNDREDS of GRANDIOSE plans, we know from sad experience that very few actually come to fruition. We also know the time and effort that it REALLY takes to achieve anything. For those sufficiently concerned about the Year 2000, that they want to head for the hills, we really do not think that, unless you are far beyond the planning stage, and WELL INTO implementation, that you have time to do anything, EXCEPT find and join an existing community. And you will be surprised how many MONTHS that takes. We DEFINITELY do NOT think that one should try to "Go It Alone".

Therefore, if you are TRULY serious about heading for the hills, we suggest that you select one of the following communities, and make arrangements to join it.

The HONOR List of Communities

The THREAD is that selecting a community will take you to the state or province in which that community is, and where you can select to see that community. Returning to the "States" Index will bring you back again to where you can select the HONOR List of Communities without coming back through this dialog.

You can select the Honor List now.

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