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"In a nuclear emergency, if I could only grab & run out the door with one box, this would be it!
That was my underlying strategy that went into the component selection for 'The Package'!"

Shane Connor

'The Package'
Our Top Ten Radiation Protection 'Best Sellers' Packaged Together for a $220.00 (over 25% OFF) Discount!
Survey meter 1 Recently Calibrated & Certified CD V-715 Radiation Survey Meter

As detailed at the Civil Defense Radiation Detection Survey Meters, Geiger Counters and Dosimeters FAQ, these CD meters have undergone extensive testing and preventative maintenance to assure reliable service 'in the field' before having been successfully calibration certified in our licensed radiation lab. Includes manual.

Dosimeters and Chargers 3 CD V-742 Dosimeters (certified electric leak & radiation accuracy tested)
(More details on dosimeters at the FAQ.)
1 CD V-750/756 Dosimeter Charger (Voltage Accuracy Tested)
Includes manual. (More details on chargers at the FAQ.)
The Kearney Fallout Radiation Meter (KFM) Kit has everything needed to make and use a radiation measuring device. Don't let its cheap price fool you, this is a serious device! Accurately measures dose rates from 30 mR/hr (0.03 R/hr) up to 43 R/hr. The KFM has undergone rigorous scientific testing in several laboratories where its accuracy and dependability were confirmed. Including Oak Ridge National Laboratory where it was developed by Cresson H. Kearny, author of Nuclear War Survival Skills. It's also a reliable backup meter so that you can check your readings and be sure of them and it is sensitive enough that you can begin training with it now on household sources. More details about the KFM at the KFM page here.
Potassium Iodide Radiation Protection FAQ & iodine pills sources. 2 Packages ThyroSafe™ Potassium Iodide (KI)

Thyroid-Blocking Potassium Iodide (KI) Anti-Radiation Tablets. 10 adult doses or 20 child age (3-12 yrs old) doses per each pack. ThyroSafe™ is the only FDA approved Potassium Iodide (KI) tablet with 65 mg. strength. More info on the need for these essential products and this particular best selling formulation at the Potassium Iodide Anti-Radiation Pill FAQ

Nuclear War Survival Skills Book
Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson H. Kearney

This is the comprehensive 280 page bible of practical self-help DIY instructions from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory civil defense researchers to survive nuclear war here or nuclear fallout from abroad. Also, applicable to nuclear terrorism here! Updated & Expanded 1987 Edition of original 1979 Oak Ridge National Laboratory Edition. Plus, 2001 Addendum on Hormesis. Foreward by Dr. Edward Teller.

"Readers will be astonished at the wide variety of the problems which have excited his enquiry and the cunning simplicity of some of his solutions. There is no other book which offers so rounded a view of this large subject nor any on a smaller scale which one could recommend with so few reservations." - Journal of the Institute of Civil Defense, London

FEMA Rad Book
Radiation Safety In Shelters by FEMA

This 120 page FEMA handbook is the best instructional resource for the practical field use of these same specific Civil Defense instruments sold above here in a for-real nuclear emergency. Subtitled: "A handbook for finding and providing the best protection in shelters with the use of instruments for detecting nuclear radiation."

It goes far beyond the coverage included in the brief manuals that come with these FEMA Civil Defense survey meters and dosimeters. See the Table of Contents HERE and/or read the whole book FREE on-line there, too!

Civil Defense CD
Civil Defense Ultimate DVD

THE Civil Defense, Survival & Prep Ultimate Collection! Over 600 files, 20,000 pages, 300 PDF documents. Civil Defense Books, Videos & Mp3's. Most comprehensive collection anywhere. ALL NEW UPDATED & EXPANDED IN AUGUST 2009. This DVD is a true multimedia presentation, containing tens of thousands of pages of printable documents, including Civil Defense documents, Military Field Manuals, NBC Prep, Medical, and Survival topics. Also, a complete digital version of Cresson Kearney's 'Nuclear War Survival Skills' and the FEMA 'Radiation Safety In Shelters' book and many others. Also, new AND classic nuclear prepping videos, mp3 audios of preparedness training and advice, as well as all the content from's many websites. There are 684 individual files of information with over 3,800 megabytes of data in the DVD Library, collected and programmed by Rich Fleetwood, founder of Without a doubt, here's the most comprehensive collection of Civil Defense, Fallout Shelter and NBC Survival Prep documents anywhere on a single DVD! This is everything, and more, that you could ever hope to pull off the internet in an emergency for family survival instruction and guidance, ALL in one DVD! When time is short, and the internet might even be down, this is the one DVD you'll be very glad to have then!

NukAlert radiation monitor chart
NukAlert™ NEW 24/7 Compact Monitor & Alarm

First introduced at The Health Physics Society Convention. Domino-sized, key chain attachable, personal & portable, gamma radiation detecting and alarming device! Carried everywhere your keys go, with NukAlert's 24/7 constant monitoring, you'll always be promptly alerted to the unseen, but acutely dangerous, levels of radiation if/when present. Sealed unit is full-time "ON" and monitoring 24/7 with its ten+ year battery. Unit chirps with increasing frequency through ten easily recognizable ranges from 0.1 R/hr to 50+ R/hr. Tested and confirmed by nationally recognized radiological certification lab. Each unit also individually tested at our radiological certification laboratory here. Patent-Pending 'State of the Art' Technology. Exclusively developed and marketed by KI4U, Inc.

This device could be your first alert to the need to then check the news and your environment further with the high-range type meters included above. Operating manual includes emergency radiation response basics (showing different exposure levels, time allowed, and their respective health threats) and also up-to-date 'What Do I Do Now?' radiation protection strategies. Complete details and NukAlert™ manual on-line at

A benefit of the NukAlert, not to be overlooked, is that it will also confirm when and where those higher levels of radiation are not present, too. With the anticipated general public angst, perhaps even panic, accompanying any future developing nuclear emergency, this will be very reassuring to know with confidence when, for your locale, that your family is out of the worst danger, too.

Two RADStickers™

The peel-&-stick postage stamp sized, instantly color developing, dosimeter, always ready and with you 24/7, stuck onto the back of your license or any card, for any future radiation emergency. Non-electrical, reliable, robust, rugged and useful for triaging radiation exposure information and medical treatment in a major radiological incident, such as a nuclear or dirty bomb explosion, nuclear power plant accident or mishandling of radiation sources.

RADSticker is made under U.S. Patents # 7,227,158; 7,476,874 and others. The technology was developed with multimillion dollar funding from several US agencies, such as DHS, DOJ, DOS, DOD, DHHS and TSWG and was field tested by the DHS with 800 first responders in the states of NJ, NY and IL. More technical information from SIRAD™ manufacturer here.

The individual cost of all the above adds up to $835.00, but buying them together as
"The Package", at over 25% off, is only $615.00, a savings of $220.00!

...AND, that also does include FREE UPS shipping!

~ Sorry, no substitutions. Limited quantities available, offer good for only as long as it is still presented here. ~

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